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LocationFree and the PSP [Jan. 14th, 2006|04:35 am]
Jen's Sweetie and Code Poet
So I've been playing around with a LocationFree basestation for a few weeks now. It allows you to stream an audio-visual feed from your vcr/cable/tivo/dvd player/etc to a LocationFree player. The most interesting player is, of course, the one baked into the 2.60 firmware for the PSP.


+ The quality is pretty good. Although, it obviously isn't a DVD and it doesn't look as nice as an AVC encoding played from the memory stick.
+ It comes with a remote-control "repeater" and a reasonable set of codes for common devices. This allows you to use an on-screen remote control to interact with your device from anywhere with an internet connection. I haven't tried using it yet.
- There is no way to "learn" new remote codes. The format seems to be closed and the EULA threatens you with dire consequences if you mess with it. However, the set of remotes is downloaded from their server, so I imagine they could update it.
- The encoder seems to have a 4 second buffer. This delay makes navigating DVD menus (for example) very awkward.


* I wish you could publish your mpeg4 encoded files (divx, etc) from a PC to your PSP, instead of having to get a base station. If you had your content pre-transcoded to the right settings, you could stream it directly to the PSP with a minimum of CPU load (the encoding is the expensive part).

* I wish the PSP was a upnp-enabled media player client.

* I wish they would allow you to "remote" applications from your computer to your PSP this way. (VNC, RDP, etc)

* Even better would be the ability to forward games from your PS1/PS2 (PS3?) to your device. Currently, the encoder latency makes this totally infeasible. Even if they improved that, WAN latencies would probably make any non-turn-based games unplayable. And the controls are quite different. Still, I'd love to play through the entire final fantasy series again on my PSP.